Providing affordable housing solutions for Tompkins County

Why I am a Champion for this Cause

When I followed my wife to Central New York five years ago many of our friends from around the country asked what I was doing here, when I told them that I am the Finance Manager for Better Housing for Tompkins County their next question would be “What does that mean?”. Well, the video we are showing here along with the testimonials from individuals and families who are living happier, healthier, safer lives because of the services we can provide do a much better job of answering this question than I could on my own. Please watch the video, read the life stories, and get in touch with me if you still have more questions.

As the Finance Manager, I know that administering the grant funded home rehab and repair programs, the first time  home buyer program and other services takes a dedicated, hard working staff and of course money. We need the financial support of local residents, businesses and our friends to help us help our neighbors throughout Tompkins County.

So, I’m going out on a limb here as a Champion for our cause, our total goal is $25,000; I don’t really know what to expect from my Facebook and email campaign, but I’ve posted a modest goal for myself of $1,000.

Please take a moment to enter your contribution and help me reach this goal to help Better Housing for Tompkins County help our neighbors in Tompkins County!


John T. Peeples





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$1000 goal

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